Swami Rama

Swami Rama


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  • Relatările unui discipol, despre maeștrii spirituali din Himalaya, editura Deceneu
  • Living with the Himalayan Masters, ISBN 978-0893891565
  • Meditation and Its Practice, ISBN 978-0893891534
  • The Art of Joyful Living, ISBN 978-0893892364
  • Royal Path: Lessons on Yoga, ISBN 978-0893891527
  • Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad-Gita, ISBN 978-0893890902
  • Exercises for Joints and Glands: Gentle Movements to Enhance Your Wellbeing, ISBN 978-0893892647
  • Happiness is Your Creation, ISBN 978-0893892463
  • Science of Breath: A Practical Guide, ISBN 978-0893891510
  • A Practical Guide to Holistic Health, ISBN 978-0893891749
  • Enlightenment without god (Mandukya Upanishad)
  • Let the Bud of Life Bloom: A Guide to Raising Happy and Healthy Children, ISBN 978-8188157044
  • Path of Fire and Light, Vol. 1, ISBN 978-0893890971
  • Path of Fire and Light, Vol. 2, ISBN 978-0893891121
  • Exercise Without Movement: as taught by Swami Rama
  • Sacred Journey: Living Purposefully and Dying Gracefully, ISBN 978-8188157006

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